Kloepfel gives you wings - How Kloepfel customers travel despite flight cancellations

Kloepfel gives you wings - How Kloepfel customers travel despite flight cancellations

Interview with Robert Regge

Business flights are currently in short supply – with catastrophic consequences for many companies: If mechanics cannot reach their machines in India, the result can be up to five-figure losses per day. Even personal business transactions in the Far East are impossible without a flight. Now Kloepfel Consulting offers its customers a mediation service for exclusive flights. Kloepfel manager Robert Regge explains in an interview how Kloepfel clears the airway.

Many companies currently face the problem that their employees cannot book flights to their destination. Why?

Flight operations have been shut down anyway due to Corona, now there is the added problem that many people are flying to their summer holidays – and the airlines are prioritizing the tourism business. Business flights remain on the way, especially long-haul flights such as to Asia or the USA. Sometimes there is no chance to book a business flight – especially not for larger groups.

What consequences does this have for companies?

It is hard for our customers. Be it because a plant in India has a breakdown and only the manufacturer can repair it – but the fitters cannot get a flight from Munich to New Delhi. Or the employees must go abroad for three months to work on the machine, but you cannot guarantee visits at home during this time – an imposition!

Are business relationships also burdened?

Yes, that is another problem: Especially in Asia, business is still conducted through personal discussions, contracts are signed by hand and after looking each other in the eye. Not via teams! Some potential customers and partners who would be willing to sign a contract immediately then say: No problem, we will wait! But whether they will do so and for how long is the question. After all, they have no time to waste.

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Kloepfel offers its customers a solution and procures flights to even difficult locations. How is that possible?

We have a wide cooperation network and best contacts to different flight providers. This allows us to coordinate a pool of available aircraft for our customers, which otherwise could not be developed. Our network also allows us to have a leverage position that enables us to offer excellent prices. Some customers were already surprised.

What are the advantages of these exclusive flights?

First, the availability! Many customers are happy to let their people fly at all. But there are also some advantages that are attractive even outside of crises and holiday periods: Our customers or their contractors do not have to travel to airports like Frankfurt or Munich: Our contractors pick them up from their home airport. Then there is practically no waiting time because customs, safety and health checks are handled by our provider. This also means that there is no risk of infection from external sources either at the airport or on the flight and the employees are safe. The direct flight then takes you to your desired destination – with a return flight guaranteed! The employees do not suddenly get stuck abroad, as it can happen with normal scheduled flights.

How long is the lead time to plan such a flight?

For up to 16 people it is just about four hours. But even with larger groups it doesn’t take long – beyond 100 it’s two and a half days on average.

Mr. Regge, thank you for the interview!

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