Overcoming supply chain chaos with vision: Steer safely through the crisis thanks to online training

Overcoming supply chain chaos with vision: Steer safely through the crisis thanks to online training

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Even before the Corona crisis it was already obvious that “smart sourcing is sustainable”. Purchasing expertise is currently critical for many companies – there is hardly any medium-sized company that does not have to deal with supply bottlenecks and production lockdowns in international supply chains. The result is: A high pressure for buyers. Now it is essential to build up expertise quickly and effectively to identify and master supply chain issues. This is where the Kloepfel Academy steps in: Purchasing expert Stephan Hofstetter outlines in online seminars what really matters now and how buyers can approach issues.

Stephan Hofstetter, to start with: What does the Kloepfel Online Academy offer buyers, and how long has it been around?

At the beginning of March, in reaction to the Corona crisis we went online with Kloepfel Academy. Now we offer a continuously updated training program with three formats: Free Corona webinars, short online training sessions on current topics for in-depth skill-up and individual 1:1 online coaching. The focus of our expertise is to anchor sustainable competence for comprehensive purchasing development with the participants.

The Corona crisis challenges buyers with completely new issues. What are the most common problems that participants approach you with?

Most of them expect more than rocket science, they want hands-on tools and best-practice procedures. They think of solutions: How can I establish transparency in the supply chain and make them resilient to upcoming interruptions? How do I avoid delays through expediting with suppliers? How do I shorten the replenishment lead time with key suppliers? We provide resolutions – and support with adaptive agreements with suppliers, for example with frame agreements for quantity contracts. We also provide support for organizational design: These include concepts for accelerated digitalization, the re-alignment of a purchasing strategy, supplier classification, and – currently particularly important! – risk management. Where requested, we also offer training in selected tools and methods.

Your three webinars on Corona are free of charge – what can participants expect?

The companies were taken by surprise by the Corona shock. This does not exclude the buyers – and of course crisis management in purchasing is not a routine activity. What matters now are fast and practical measures: Therefor we will first provide hands-on advice, for example on how to set up task force management. Or how to recalibrate risk management. Then we look at how critical drivers of the corona crisis can be used to develop scenarios for the company at an early stage – and which packages of measures best fit for purchasing. How does a Corona health check of critical and strategic suppliers look like? Finally, we provide inspiration to vision the future of advanced purchasing.

You also offer interactive live training courses that provide in-depth knowledge. What do the participants take with them?

The feedback from our participants tells us that they benefit from the training in many ways: One is enthusiastic about the strategic approach to developing scenarios, another thinks that the templates for risk assessment are great – and the third can transfer directly in practice the checklist for the Health Check.

Finally, you also offer 1:1 coaching. What are the biggest advantages of this?

In coaching, we address the specific challenges faced by managers in their companies and develop a systematic approach together. We not only provide support with hands-on tools but also, we serve as sparring partner for their own considerations. This is facilitated by many years of experience, a broad perspective of challenges and pragmatic problem solving. This enables us to quickly assess the situation and advice with best practice. The success of participants is stimulated by motivation and encouragement.

You personally are considered a leading purchasing expert. Would you like to tell us how to get there?

Initially, I have had a solid academic education in business administration. This was followed by an exciting carrier path in an international strategy consultancy, as CPO of a globally well-positioned technology company, as interim manager and as lecturer for prospective purchasing managers. In the meantime, my focus is on the alignment of purchasing structures and processes for medium-sized companies in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Stephan Hofstetter, thank you for the interview.

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