Kloepfel 4PL successfully supports GUYA - Guayusa GmbH

Kloepfel 4PL successfully supports GUYA - Guayusa GmbH

GUYA: Logistics power for the energetic tea business!

High energy unites! Because it does not only fit the Kloepfel motto “We don’t talk, we implement!”, but also the vitalizing caffeinated Guya tea of GUYA – Guayusa-GmbH from Berlin. In Kloepfel Magazine we reveal the secret of the power plant from Ecuador compared to coffee and why the vigilance-giving producer relies on the experts of Kloepfel 4PL Solutions GmbH for the entire logistics handling.

Guya: The power tea has a more sustainable and healthier effect than coffee

Guayusa is the most caffeinated leaf in the world! The effect of the caffeine is much more lasting than that of coffee: it lasts longer and is also more pleasant, as it is more subtle. Coffee side effects such as stomach upsets, restlessness or tremors are unknown. Since also the taste selection from four Guya tea sorts convinces, many coffee drinkers discover at present Guya tea as alternative or varied addition. However, GUYA tea has nothing to do with green tea or matcha. The guayusa plant is a distinct species found only in the jungles of Ecuador. The effect is more noticeable in mental performance and physical endurance compared to matcha.

Discovery of Guya tea for the German market

By chance, Sebastian Freidank, founder of GUYA – Guayusa GmbH, learned about the ancestors of the Kichwa Indians and their invigorating cultivated plant in Ecuador: “The idea of a natural super pill that keeps me awake and motivated convinced me! Overnight, I started registering a company, creating a brand, defining target groups and writing a business plan.” The first contacts to Ecuador were through an expatriate in Germany. Since then, Freidank has built a successful import business with more than 10,000 satisfied customers that is growing rapidly.

How Guya tea from Ecuador reaches German customers

Since June 2021, Guayusa GmbH has relied on Kloepfel 4PL’s holistic, strategic logistics management. “On the one hand, we coordinate international transport logistics, planning air and sea freight deliveries from Ecuador to Germany,” explains Sebastian Krings, project manager and partner of the Kloepfel Group. “In addition, there are fulfillment services on site, meaning: all warehouse services from incoming goods processing and picking to packaging and shipping to private customers and retailers.”

Full support from Kloepfel 4PL for Energy Tea

“We expect Kloepfel 4PL’s support to provide us with logistics that can keep up with our growth,” Freidank said. “This is a significant upgrade from our previous solutions.” He says that Kloepfel 4PL convinced him from the very beginning with its professionalism with handshake quality.

The good cooperation is also confirmed by Sebastian Krings: “You can tell that GUYA is a dynamic company with ambitious but realistic goals and on the road to success. We are very happy to go along with this path.” Especially since Krings himself is also convinced of the product: “Guya tea tastes great, is easy to prepare and brings sustainable energy and alertness. For me, a clear coffee alternative for the energy boost, for example, in the early afternoon, provided that you do not want to do without the morning coffee taste!”

Try Guya tea now?! Click here to go to the webshop! For Kloepfel Magazine readers there is a one-time discount of 10% on the first order with the discount code “kloepfel4pl”.


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