Study: Forecast SME 2019

Study: Forecast SME 2019

Medium-sized companies miss their targets – What is the reason?

Economic problems and lack of personnel occupy the middle class

From 10 January to 13 February, the purchasing consultancy Kloepfel Consulting surveyed 229 specialists and managers from small and medium-sized enterprises on their goal achievement in 2018 and the emerging risks in 2019. The sobering result: Only 35 percent of the companies surveyed were able to fully achieve their targets for 2018.

Were you able to achieve your targets for 2018?

Nine percent of those surveyed stated that they had missed their targets for 2018. 56 percent were only able to achieve some of their goals and 35 percent fully achieved their goals. As a result, only every third company was able to fully achieve its goals, clearly indicating problems in the process of goal achievement or unrealistic goals.

Why did you miss your goals?

IT problems, supply bottlenecks, price increases and construction or conversion measures are perceived by only one percent of those surveyed as the reason for their missed targets. Two percent blame political problems. On the other hand, the problems in procurement play a major role for the respondents – 18 percent see the origin here. At 20 percent, the lack of personnel and economic problems are at the top of the list of causes.

How do you look at the year 2019?

Despite the high proportion of unachieved targets, 43 percent of respondents are optimistic about 2019 and expect growth. 46 percent expect stagnation and eleven percent are pessimistic and anticipate a decline in growth.

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