Outsourcing of engineering services to Eastern Europe

Outsourcing of engineering services to Eastern Europe

Interview with Egor Kozlov from GFE Solutions

What is GFE Solutions service?

Kozlov: We at GFE Solutions offer engineering services. We provide our customers from various industries with a remote service. We support technical departments with our designers, analysts and programmers from Ukraine.

Which professional background do you and your team have?

Kozlov: I am an engineer and have a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. After my work as a engineer I became CEO of a machine factory for the production of off-road vehicles. Our team consists of qualified and experienced engineers from various fields. Some have experience in mechanical engineering, others in helicopter construction or, like me, in the construction of off-road vehicles. However, what we all have in common is a high degree of motivation. We are a team of passionate engineers with the goal to satisfy our customers.

What makes the Ukrainian market so attractive for German companies?

Kozlov: The Eastern European region is known for the high quality of its public education system and the ability of our graduates to easily integrate into Western corporate cultures. In addition, our time zones overlap, so we are always available when our German clients want to reach us. Of course, the biggest advantage of our clients lies in cost savings. Ukraine is not the cheapest outsourcing destination, but it is cost efficient. German companies employing employees in Ukraine save up to 70% compared to the costs that would arise for in-house employees. This increases profits and creates additional opportunities for investment in business development.

What differentiates GFE Solutions from its international competitors?

Kozlov: For us, the customer is king. This thought should prevail in every supply chain and is at the same time the demand to our employees. Availability, flexibility and appreciation are the principles of our work. This allows us to provide an excellent service with fast response times. It also means that we never say “no”. So it can sometimes be exhausting and challenging, but when the customer says “Thank you, I’m satisfied now” at the end of the day, we are satisfied as well.

How does GFE Solutions proceed with its projects?

Kozlov: For us, the details are very important. Because all our customers have different traditions and requirements, which we would like to fulfil. For this reason, we define a team for each project that is tailored to the customer and exactly meets the requirements profile. Our cloud solutions allow us to exchange information in real time and thus harmonize perfectly within the team. This means that information remain present, we are always in touch and deliver on time. To ensure this, the respective team leader regularly travels to our customers in Germany. So we can be sure that the project meets the customer’s expectations at all times and that we can also react quickly to detailed changes.

What financial and process related benefits does GFE Solutions deliver to its customers?

Kozlov: Our customers benefit from our competitive pricing model, which is around 70% lower than that of our European competitors. However, quality is always our top priority instead of price. We have therefore brought a new form of outsourcing onto the market. Companies often do not outsource because they are concerned about the smooth running of their business. Does the provider understand my wishes? Does he deliver on time? Can he meet my special requirements? We solve this problem by offering our services 100% customer-oriented. Our clients have full control over all processes at all times. Instead of working together with an external service provider, the customer feels as if we were colleagues. And that’s how we feel about working together.

Which industries and markets do you specialize in?

Kozlov: We focus on mechanical and plant engineering, automotive and steel processing. In addition, we are currently developing solutions for numerical fluid mechanics, high-voltage construction, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators and the solar power market.

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